3 Ağustos 2012 Cuma

gördüğüm en muhteşem kolajlar bunlar sanırım

 kadına kolye yapmış! 

bu kadının dekoltesine ve bileğine vuran ışığa söyleyecek söz bulamıyorum, pes!

adı Alexandros Vasmoulakis ve bu da kendisiyle yapılmış roportaj aynen koyuyorum.

How does your working day start?

Ι check my emails first thing in the morning and then I do some kick-ups, it works as a nice warm-up before hitting the canvas.To be honest, when I get stuck, or miserable, I keep on doing kick-ups all day and avoid looking at the works at all.

How do you work and how has that changed?

I can now work simultaneously on various projects, this happened through the years though, I couldn’t do so in the past. It’s much better now – I feel like a DJ.
My current work is divided between outdoor murals, installations and the studio work, which is mostly figurative oil painting and collage. Sharing my time between three different fields is a sort of trick to avoid boredom. And it works!

Where would we find you when you’re not at work?

In the garden, flirting with the neighbour’s cat.

Would you intern for yourself?

Probably not!
böyle de bir insan işte... 

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