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The Eloi and the Morlocks

The hero of the novel  "The Time Machine", which a young writer Herbert George Wells published in 1895, travels on a mechanical device into an unfathomable future. There he finds that mankind has split into two species: the Eloi, who are frail and defenceless aristocrats living in the idle gardens and feeding on the fruits of the trees; and the Morlocks, a race of underground proletarians who, after ages of labouring in darkness, have got blind, but driven by the force of the past, go on working at their rusted intricate machinery that produces nothing. Shafts with winding staircases unite the two worlds. On moonless nights, the Morlocks climb up out of their caverns and feed on Eloi.
The nameless hero, pursued by Morlocks, escapes back into present. He brings with him as a solitary token of his adventure an unknown flower that falls into dust and that will not blossom on earth until thousands and thousands of years are over.

The book of Imaginary Beings - J.L. Borges

yani hikayenin güzelliğine bak...

"moonless nights" ne güzel tamlamadır...

şimdi aklıma başka birşey geldi...ben ki Billie Holiday hastası bir insanım "God Bless the Child" parçasını ilk kez Alex Gopher'dan dinlemiştim.

orda Billie ,
                  them that's got shall get
                  them that's got shall lose


ben onu hep
                  moonless sky shall get
                  moonless nights shall loose
diye duymuşumdur.

çocukken de uydururdum öyle şarkıları...

neyseki şimdi google var...

Morlock'um ben.

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